Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE), Koparkhairane


Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE) is a 15 minute walk from Kopar Khairane railway station which falls on the Thane-Vashi/Nerul route. Although there seem to be a few buses which go to this college from the station, it's best not wait for them. If you have company from the railway station it is advisable to take an autorickshaw as it only comes to around 15-20 bucks.



Indira Gandhi College of Engineering has an average infrastructure on the whole. Although the labs are fully equipped and the library is decent enough, the maintenance is slightly poor. Another factor where the college takes a hitting is that there is no campus to speak of except a small volleyball court.



Rs. 62,080/year



Many teachers are well-qualified and experienced at Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE). They usually don’t fail students in oral examinations and internal assessment and thus they continue to remain in the good books of the students. Overall, faculty is average.



The management of Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE) is considerably lenient when it comes to attendance. Only if the attendance is pathetically poor, parents are summoned and a warning is given at the most. But off lately, students have been complaining that the college is becoming stricter and lack of attendance needs to be compensated with loads of assignment work.



There is a majority of Maharashtrian crowd. Boys to girls ratio is 7:3. However, people are quite cooperative and enthusiastic. The Electrical batch students are said to have a bad reputation.



The canteen  of Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE) is not spacious and it becomes suffocating during breaks. But apart from that, it is hygienic and the food is cheap and edible.



Not many places around the college to go & have a good time. Just a few restaurants on the highway or else, if you are willing to go a little further, there is Vashi.



The cultural festival of Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE) is ‘Ignite’ and also the sports day takes place in the month of February. The technical festival ‘Technoblitz’ is held in March



20% of the students at Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE) get placements. Phoenix is the main company which gives these jobs.

The package is roughly worth Rs. 3,00,000/-.



Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering (SIGCE),
CIDCO, Plot No 17/18, Sector-16,
Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai-400709.
Phone No : (+91)-22-27543608 /27544626 /27545242.



Not recommended for anyone travelling too far as it won't be worth it. However, for below average scorers & low scoring students staying in Thane or Navi Mumbai, it isn't bad option to settle for either. "You get in here, obtain your degree without much interference from the college and get going", that's what a student has to say.


+25 #22 HOneyHOd 2014-01-16 14:32
This is the most pathetic college I have ever been to. All gauti professors from shivaji university are there who don't get a job anywhere else in any other company or college. One of the staff member eats pan and guthka during college hours n spits in corridors.
-11 #21 kite 2013-12-13 23:36
Guys... our new princi rocks... but faculty still flops. Electrical ka faculty avg. hai! Campus ka haal bhi kuch development hi nahi!
-56 #20 Sushant ekshinge 2013-07-25 21:47
Hi guys I am from Indira Gandhi. It's a good college... most teachers are experienced and helful... faculty is also good...
+37 #19 Joyeeta S 2013-07-24 13:21
This must be the worst college ever possible for engineering. The most pathetic college ever. they torture the students but teach nothing at all. In every semester you will only find one good prof rest all are of no use. You get special preference if you are married. Your attendance gets increased. Never ever opt for electrical engineering in this college. I have made the worst decision of my life by opting for this college. It will be better if you all keep off this college. Rather opt for other stream itself. You will have better chances of getting a job and a better future
+29 #18 VG 2013-07-11 13:00
It's the worst college that one can be in. Faculty oh God! All Nagpur crowd who can't get be no where else so they have got in here. All losers. No campus, no canteen, no study, no fun only exploitation to get a passing marks in viva/practical/ internal papers. Worst place. Keep away from this. I have passed out 5 years back I have known from the reaction from the companies' HR they don't respect this college.

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