New Syllabus for Mumbai University's First Year Engineering students

In an endeavour to bring some change in the engineering system, Mumbai University has announced a new and revised syllabus for First Year Engineering students from the academic year 2012-13. This is the first time that "credit system" has been introduced. According to what we have deciphered there might be a relative grading system which will be brought in. Although there has not been a drastic change in the 1st year subjects and syllabus, the true strength of the syllabus will be known only after the syllabus for the subsequent years are out probably the next year.

Major Changes:

  • Computer Programming 1 and 2 subjects have been done away with and another subject on a similar model called 'Structured Programming Analysis' has been introduced. Java has been done away with and the focus is more on the approach towards programming then the programming language itself. C has again become the order of the day.
  • Implementation of Credit and Grading based system: Although all the credits as of now are compulsory, in the higher semesters you might get options to choose what subjects you wish to learn to complete your total mandatory credits.
  • Internal Test: There has been a dilution of 20 marks from the main theory paper to make way for the internal tests. There will be 2 tests in the semester and average of those will be added to the final paper score. This in no way is to be misunderstood with the term work. Term work will continue to exist.
  • Environmental Studies (EVS), a subject of the third year engineering syllabus till late, has now been included in the 1st semester.

What these changes mean:

  • With the new internal tests being brought in, the college teachers have a geater say in the marks. A good rapport with the teacher can now earn you even more brownie points.
  • Implementation of credit and grading system will perhaps bring the system in line with the globally used system. Lets hope that this system will bring about the necessary changes and is not just namesake.

Check the new syllabus here: New FE Syllabus (2012 Pattern)