Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET), Kandivali


Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET) is located in the beautiful Thakur Village which is 15-20 minutes by rickshaw from Kandivli station (W. Rly.) Students usually prefer to go by bus because it’s quite far from the station and hence rickshaw becomes a bit expensive for daily commuting. 



Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET) has excellent Infrastructure. One of the best in town. Huge campus. You can see the pictures of the college and read its own description about its infrastructure on its official website. And you might happen to spot celebrities if you stay after the college timings, as a lot of television ad film shootings take place in the campus, so you can now imagine how good the location and the infrastructure would be.



B.E. Fee: Rs. 1,03,500/year

M.E. Fee: Rs. 1,10,647/year



Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Accenture and Syntel are the major recruiters at Thakur College of Engineering. Average salary must be around Rs. 2.5 lac/year. Placement records over the last few years have been close to 100%.



Average faculty. Teachers take the pains to teach and students understand what they are taught as well. The teachers are very helpful. Somehow, the EXTC department students aren't very fond of the teachers and their teaching. They've loads to complain about them. Fortunately, Computers and IT department students have lauding words for their professors.



Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET) is very strict in attendance matters. Minimum requirement is 60%. Students lingering around at Thakur Cinema if caught are sent to classrooms forcefully, of course that's only during college hours.



A mix breed of crowd - fun loving as well as nerds - students blend well though. Entertaining, decent and fun-to-have life. Majority are, however, not much interested in studies though the scene is changing since a few years. Being located in the western suburbs, students from locations like Navi Mumbai and Central/Harbour Mumbai aren't particularly keen about joining Thakur College is big numbers.



Excellent canteen. Very roomy but gets completely occupied as it is shared by students of all the faculties. Great food nevertheless. Students especially love the seating arrangement that has been done very thoughtfully and typical lounge style chairs have been provided.



Pizza Hut, CCD, Colassa (Hukkah Joint/Chinese Food), Monarch Restaurant, Jumbo King Vada Pav are all close to Thakur College of Engineering & Technology (TCET). Dominos, Nirvana and some excellent hangouts in Kandivali Lokhandwala are also very famous. Thakur Cinema and Kulraj Broadway is the place where you'll find most of the college.



Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET) celebrates Zephyr (Technical Festival) in odd semesters, Sojourn (Cultural Festival) in even semesters. They also have a Sports Festival. Great atmosphere during the festivals. Students have a gala time.


Contact Address:

Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET),
Thakur Shyamnarayan Marg,
Thakur Village, Kandivali (E)
Tel: 2846 1891, 2846 1892.



Location and infrastructure adds charm to Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET). The faculty is good yet the students here aren’t so keen on studying. So, a mixed reaction for this college.


+1 #38 Tejas Joshi 2014-07-10 13:24
one of the worst training & placement cell across engineering colleges in Mumbai. Don't Expect a job from here instead you should apply off campus, that will help you much more.
+9 #37 Frustrated_guy 2014-02-26 23:00
Worst teachers for subjects like SPA and ED. In the subject of SPA, they don't teach anything and ask that answers/program s in term test. What nonsense!!! Term test paper checking is horrible in this college. It's like, students who don't deserve better marks score the best marks and the one who are intelligent and is equipped with knowledge scores the least marks. Teachers give marks according to the content, the one with more lines of answers gets more marks and one with quality one but short one loses it. The faculty of FE is the worst. The another thing is that in term test papers, they put MCQs. What the hell is this man!!!!! Spoon feeding. This college produces donkeys every year
+8 #36 anuj3305 2014-02-16 18:43
TCET is overall a very nice college.... Despite the fact that students come from a mixed background... TCET staff does its job at its best. They take a lot of efforts... Nice infra, very good faculty, average crowd!! TCET is a good option for spending your 4 crucial years... you'll definitely enjoy!
+4 #35 jai yadav 2013-11-16 10:33
I am a second year student in TCET, IT department.. faculty are very worst here... techmax (guide) are key source of knowledge for professors in TCET.. instead of explaining concept they dictate answer in 1 hour lecture fooling students... very few professors are ok ok type... worst college... only FE is better not best in TCET... producing donkey engineers.
+13 #34 ASHWANI PALIWAL 2013-10-25 21:58
I am a TCETian. I would like to give some fresh info regarding Thakur college of engineering. Attendance is not very strict if you are ready to remedials which are quite easy. The fees currently is Rs 1,10,265. The placement is 95%. But the thing that might interest you is that the highest placement in 2012-13 was Rs 34,00,000. Yup a whooping 34 Lacs.
Well if you want to groom yourself TCET might be a good place as far as technical as well as personality is concerned.
+3 #33 parth1753 2013-08-31 11:49
Crowd of here is the "worst"... poor knowledge students.. the college works on the name of professor Ravish Singh only... bad placement... bad marks
-46 #32 nucatra 2013-06-28 10:21
Placements are nowhere near 100%
-69 #31 rahul 2013-03-13 19:50
I am a TCETian... college is superb in every aspect... library is one of the best in India… shining tiles, big classrooms with dual AC , excellent benches , personal PC labs, everything is world class except the EXTC teachers which are third class, their makeup and attitude weigh more than their knowledge, whereas in IT and Comp faculty they are also dumb but very supportive and kind to students
Canteen is best place to hang out with presence of eye popping chicks sweetie. Just the EXTC department is a big disgusting pathetic glue stuck to the college
-53 #30 P@P 2012-12-10 15:44
i am tcet student from IT dept
if u aren't a regular student, dont worry, everything is fine here.. my attendance never crossed 50% still I completed 3rd sem ..good clg to be in if grades aren't that high
-52 #29 yashjain 2012-12-06 20:41
The college scores well in terms of infrastructure and its canteen. But the crowd isn't that great. Teacher do take alot of pain to push you up. Comps and IT section have a very chilled out faculty. Fests are a worth visiting and lots of extra co-curricular activities take place too. Placements have been impressive over the years. If you are into fun and frolic in balance with a little bit of studies, Thakur is the right place for you mate!

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