Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT), Wadala (E)

Location :

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) is located in central Mumbai, and can be easily reach from all parts of the city. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Wadala station (Harbour Rly.) to the institute. Also it's not all that far from Dadar station (W.Rly. & C.Rly.). Buses can drop you very close to the college. Share taxis from Wadala west also take you to the college.There are ample of buses which ply between Dadar and Wadala, so a good option for central and western students also. However, it is surrounded by slums which is a huge turn off.


Infrastructure :

If you visit Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) for the first time, you’ll think it’s a MALL (I mean it). You can't make out where the classrooms are because the classrooms don't look like classrooms from outside.. There is an amphitheatre which is visible from any corner of the engineering building. Laboratories are in the basement.

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) shares the campus with Vidyalankar Polytechnic and Vidyalankar School of Information Technology. The campus comprises 3 buildings, 2 gardens, a football field, a volleyball ground and also a cricket pitch. Also, separate parking lots are available for students and faculty members, for both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. A new building called the X-Block is also under construction, which has already been featured in an international architecture e-magazine. Hostel facilities are also available. The new M-block for Management students has facilities like smoke detectors, sprinklers. (BEWARE SMOKERS)!

The library provides a wide ranging collection of books which include university prescribed text books and reference material. The library also subscribes to all major international journals and magazines. Some major non-technical magazines are also subscribed to. The library also has a reading hall which is open 6 days a week and on Sundays when exams are approaching.

So, by and large, excellent infrastructure.



B.E Fee: Rs. 1,05,000/year

M.E. Fee: Rs. 95,000/year



Placements at Vidyalankar are quite decent, mainly because of the contacts the college administration has within the industry. Infosys and Patni pick the maximum students. Infosys has selected Vidyalankar as a partner for its Campus-Connect Program, wherein they train Pre-final year Vidyalankar students to make them industry ready.

Average salaries range around Rs.3 lac p.a. to Rs. 3.5 lac p.a. for BTech students.


Faculty :

Some of the experienced teaching faculty that Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) had before. have left the college. The other old and senior teaching faculties are extremely good but there are a few freshers (passed out students), who are not up to the mark. Professors are co-operative. Because of the association with Vidyalankar classes the faculty is experienced in teaching and industry demands. Notes of Vidyalankar coaching classes are distributed to all students.


Attendance :

Attendance at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) is not quite an issue. No extra assignments or any such action is taken against defaulters. However, some teachers who want to show that they should be given more importance might cause minor glitches by reducing the term work marks of defaulters. So, it would be wise to be cautious of such teachers. Most of the teaching & non-teaching staff are extremely friendly & helpful but there are a few exceptions, you need to attend those certain lectures. So, it would be wise to be cautious of such teachers.


Crowd :

Crowd at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) is the general middle class one. Lots of weirdos with their own weird sets of ideas and thoughts are found here. But then again that is the case with many engineering colleges. VIT strongly opposes ragging & also has its own anti-ragging committee, a trend started in many other engineering colleges also.


Canteen :

A canteen and a cafe both offer a wide range of food and beverages. Food is edible and moderately cheap. VITs campus has a striking eatery outlet - 'snack in d box'. Food is reasonable in the canteen & in the café, starting from Rs. 20 to a maximum of Rs. 60, but 'snack in d box' is comparatively costlier.


Hangouts :

Difficult to find good places out here because the location is slightly secluded. Dosti Acres is real close, so if you manage to find friends from that complex in your college, you can have good time there. Also the IMAX theatre is not very far. Last but not the least is Five Gardens. 



Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) celebrates an inter-collegiate technical festival, FERVOR, an intra-collegiate cultural festival, VERVE, and an inter-collegiate sports festival are held in the college campus around February/March. The highlight of the sports festival is the S6 (Six a side - Six overs) cricket tournament in which more than 15 colleges participate. It also includes intra-collegiate competitions in volleyball, box-cricket, throwball, carrom, chess etc.



Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT),
Vidyalankar Campus, Vidyalankar College Marg,
Wadala (E), Mumbai 400 037.
Telefax: (022) 2416 11 26



A typical engineering college where crowd is average. Though there aren’t many places to hangout, the college has typical amenities which makes it distinct from others. Generally cut-offs are at an average score. This may be credited with the fact that college has more seats and being non-minority institution adds further to lower cut-offs. The college has good placement records for the last couple of years.


+4 #29 riddhi sanghani 2015-07-16 10:01
Infra too good! Accessibility might be a minor issue but a must join if u get here.
Wifi campus and stupidsid said it correctly its a mall!
+28 #28 FaijalKhan 2014-02-27 16:35
People,I am studying in final year and all i can say is
VIT is Just AMAZING !!
Sad that am leaving my adda soon
And don't worry about hangout places,because you won't need any.. Cafeteria is best for tp with friends (Or anywhere within building,aftera ll its a MALL).
New thing started last semester 'Coffee Day'
so yes don't even think before joining MY VIT :)
-33 #27 bksux 2014-02-07 15:27
-33 #26 pratikpb 2013-08-29 14:42
Highest: 35 Lac P.A
Average: 7 Lac P.A
Lowest: 3 Lac P.A
+37 #25 FEnew 2013-08-25 14:11
Took admission this year (2013) in VIT... And probably a great decision.
Talked about Infra as everyone has, better than ANY OTHER COLLEGE, believe me. Doesn't look like a college even!
Teachers are good. Experienced, yep.
Labs are well equipped. Even the lab assistants are very knowledgeable.
Drawbacks - 1. Definitely the slums around.
2. Crowd a little low. Improvement is there, though.
All in all, a must join college. :D

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