Bombay College Of Pharmacy (BCP), Kalina


20 minutes by rick or bus from both Santacruz Station (WR, Harbour) and  Kurla Station (CR, Harbour)



Among the best. All the laboratories have been sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies (German Remedies, GSK, Boehringer Knoll, Lyka, etc.), so its got well equipped labs. However, first and second year classrooms have long-standing mosquito problems. Can get highly(I mean HIGHLY) irritating. Campus is one of the best in all Pharmacy colleges, mainly because it’s an only Pharmacy college. There is a proper-sized ground behind the college. Table-tennis table, 2 carrom boards are available which are not at all enough looking at the number of people surrounding one table.



Rs. 17,000/year for open category

Rs. 500/year for reserved category



Most of the staff is mediocre. But the profs are good in the subjects which really require good profs.

Exception: Organic Chemistry. Good profs needed, URGENTLY.



A few professors are quite strict about attendance, however not much is done to defaulters, except a long boring lecture from the Principal, which is punishment enough.



One area you don’t really talk about. This one really depends on your luck. Extremes are really rare, generally the crowd is the chalta chalta, fattu types.



It’s average, considering this is a govt college. Dosas are good, however vada pavs will always be cold, irrespective of the time of the day.



Not much around the college where one can go on a regular basis. There are a few places, but either not very good, or a bit expensive: 
Walk- Inn: Cockroaches are said to be found in pav-bhajis, Smokin Joe's: Very average.  Pathetic service. Subway: Located at BKC, It's a bit far from college (about 10 minutes but quite good. Pizza Hut: Next to Subway, Tender Fresh: Ice cream parlour recently opened, similar to Natural's Ice-cream, CCD at BKC, Nilesh Stores: 5 minutes walk, Awesome Kulfis! For better places one needs to go to Bandra or Andheri ;)



There is a week- long intra- college festival. There's also Rx, which is the inter- college festival for all Maharashtra pharmacy colleges. BCP is almost always the host.

Rx is probably the only single period during the year when you can actually have a lot of fun.



Quite a few students get recruitment offers directly after the Final (Fourth) Year B. Pharm., but it is advisable to complete a Masters or an MBA or some other degree. B. Pharm by itself cannot fetch you a good job.

The 5-6 students which do get placed get salaries around 1.2 lakhs p.a. with the maximum salary offer being 1.8 lakh p.a.



The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), which is the premier professional association of pharmacists in India, is based in our college; hence, our college students are among the most involved in all IPA activities, which is a great help; loads of opportunities for those interested.



Bombay College of Pharmacy (BCP).
Kalina, Santacruz (E),
Mumbai 400 098.
Tel: 91-22-26670871.



One of the best colleges for bachelor of pharmacy (that’s because there isn’t much competition in this field) However, if you still wish to pursue this course, go for this college you won’t regret it.


+8 #4 ANISH92 2012-07-08 23:30
New college building for pharmacy course, less fess , government college and attendence not compulsory........
thats wat a student want
+3 #3 Karan23 2012-05-19 11:43
what about M.Pharm? Is it worth doing it from here?
-10 #2 kadambari 2012-03-14 14:17
dosas are not available only get sad, extremely limited options to eat. and what exactly is your definition of campus when you say BCP has the best ?
-9 #1 dhiren 2012-01-26 21:23
when final yr b.pharm result will going to be declared?

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