SVKM's Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy (BNCP), Vile Parle


College is in the J.V.P.D scheme, along with the cluster of several other reputed SVKM institutes. Takes just about 5 minutes by rick or 10 minutes if you walk from Vile Parle Station (W Rly, Harbour Rly)



Great infrastructure, the SVKM group never disappoints on this front. The college is entirely air-conditioned, though the entire campus has been under construction atleast since 5 years. Yet they have managed to make  a pretty decent and good college with good classrooms and labs.

All the laboratories and the classrooms have been furnished completely and constructed just a couple of years back, so its got well equipped labs and pretty decent classrooms. Lavish boys and girls common room with sofas and beds provide you with complete luxury. Campus is one of the major problems because this college is located in the campus of Mithibai college itself



Rs. 85,000/year for open category (which is way too much compared to any of the pharmacy colleges, even higher than some of the engineering colleges)



Most of the staff is mediocre. But the professors are good in the subjects which really require good professors like in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. Exception: Organic Chemistry. Good profs needed, URGENTLY.



Some of the professors are very strict about attendance, but generally no serious action is taken against the defaulters, except a long boring lecture from the Principal and when things don't seem to be right from the heads and the institution, they might just end up calling your parents for a couple of days.



One area where you can really boast about. The crowd is possibly one of the best that you will find in any of the other pharmacy colleges in Mumbai. You can also enjoy the crowd of the other colleges nearby if at all you are bored of seeing the same people from your college.



There is no particular canteen dedicated to the college but the NM canteen in the adjoining building serves delicious and really cheap food.



A large and huge list of hangouts that you will find around the college, after all it is one of the best areas in Mumbai, Juhu! The dosa and the sandwich wallas occupy the entire street around the college. Don't forget to try the mayonnaise grilled sandwich, its awesome. Subway, on public demand there are now 2 subways, one near the station and one near Juhu beach. Pizza Hut, Dominos for pizzas, Crepe station for pastas and Hungama, Mocha for hookahs.



There is a week-long intra-college festival ending with the annual day of the college. There's also Rx, which is the inter-college festival for all Maharashtra pharmacy colleges. Rx is probably the only single period during the year when you can actually have a lot of fun. Other events include the Interclass sports events, various college days like traditional day, formal day and beach day.



Quite a few students get recruitment offers directly after the Final (Fourth) Year B. Pharm., but it is advisable to complete a Masters or an MBA or some other degree. B. Pharm by itself cannot fetch you a good job.

The 5-6 students which do get placed get salaries around 1.2 lakhs p.a. with the maximum salary offer being 1.8 lakh p.a.



Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy (BNCP),
Gate No.1st Floor,
Mithibai College Campus, V.M. Road,
Vile Parle (West), Mumbai 400 056.
Tel : 022-2613 4557 / 58
website :



The college was established just about 5 years earlier and is hence yet to gain popularity but it is one of the top 5 colleges for bachelor of pharmacy and its gradually gaining more recognition. If you go for this college you wont regret it, for BNCP rocks!!!


+2 #1 Ishdeep Gill 2013-05-04 13:08
SVKM rocks, though I'm doing engg from VESIT but was a ex-student of Mithibai!! At that time my chem pracs used to be conducted just opposite the pharmacy lab, students and the faculty over there were quite impressive but the foul smell of gases made me choose engg..;-p. A thumbs up for the candidates enrolling here

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