Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth, Nerul


Its really far off in some village called Nerul and harbour trains should take you there. Bus stop and Nerul railway station (Harbour Rly.) are very nearby. For those lazy chaps around rickshaws aren't hard to get and takes about 12 minutes and 15 bucks to reach the college.



  • MBBS:150
  • BDS: 100
  • BAMS:100
  • BPT: 60



Excellent infrastructure. Interiors of the college are fabulous and classrooms are good enough. The campus is huge and the famous D.Y. Patil stadium is a part of it. Facilities for all other sports are available. But as they say "There ain't such a thing as a free lunch", the fees are exorbitant!!



MBBS (General): Rs. 4,15,000/year MBBS (NRI/FN/PIO): US$24,500/year
BDS (General):   Rs. 2,60,000/year BDS (NRI/FN/PIO):   US$18,500/year
BAMS (General): Rs. 1,50,000/year BAMS (NRI/FN/PIO): US$13,500/year
BPT (General):    Rs. 99,000/year BPT (NRI/FN/PIO):   US$6,500/year



Its good. Teachers from other recognized medical colleges have started joining in and so the faculty is improving as time goes by. But yes, they are quite particular and dedicated to taking lectures. The time-table is followed with discipline.


Hospitals Affiliated:

Students are taken only to the D.Y. Patil hospital which is quite big (600 beds). There used to be a scarcity of patients here but since the last two years the numbers have increased and the situation is improving with enormous speed.


Postgrad Studies:

This is the problematic area. Students of this college (DY Patil University) cannot give the Maharshtra PG exam and thus reducing your options drastically. But, you can still give the all India and DY Patil PG CET. The college is also affiliated to a few colleges abroad, Boston for example.



Ummm...its a mixed bag. In terms of medical crowd, you'll get the best of Mumbai over here. The crowd varies from NRIs, localites and people from different states of India like Gujarat, Bihar, Delhi etc.

All in all, if you are opting for medicine your benchmark is supposed to be low. Keeping that in mind the crowd here is very decent.



Great canteen, above average one can say.  It is pretty big with comfortable seating arrangement. It is well ventilated.

But yet people don’t prefer eating there a lot because they generally carry something from home. However, the food is edible enough to fill your stomach if you are starving some day.



Well...not many. Its situated on the outskirts of Mumbai so you cant really expect much...Nerul isn't that developed yet. Just that you have some malls in Vashi (which is not very near) and theatres around. Its under drastic development though.



Not much of a problem, really.

Just that you don’t have to be really pathetic.



In January, a combined festival (sports as well as cultural) of all the colleges of D.Y.Patil University is held. Its on a very very large scale, and students from all branches take part. A good amount of participation is also seen from various other colleges of Mumbai.



Just too many addresses and phone nos. Its better if you just check its site and contact the concerned department.




All in all, a good choice to go for in the end...teaching, infrastructure, extracurricular are not a problem at all.  On the down side you have the expenditure, lesser number of patients in the hospital as compared to government hospitals and that PG courses can be pursued only in a restricted number of colleges. But you can have a life here, in spite of doing medicine.


+2 #2 sofiaa 2012-09-16 00:56
Bds fees is now 5.25 lakhs
+9 #1 Vashisht D 2012-08-28 03:12
Hey, just one little change here.
While the Dental students cannot give the Maharashtra PGCET, the MBBS students are still eligible for the MH PGMCET.
Additionally, the fees have gone up to around 7.5 lakhs/year for MBBS.

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