Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology (MSIT), Janak Puri


MSIT is located in Janak Puri area of west Delhi and the closest metro station to reach the college would be Janak Puri East on the Blue line. The college is a 15 minute walk from the station. Buses charge a nominal amount from, and to, the station. But apart from that getting to the college is not difficult as you get buses, and Grameen Seva RTV’s to get to the colleges. DTC bus routes 711, 724, 753, 740 and 863 can drop you right outside the college.



The students are not so happy with the facilities provided by the college. Although it is considered as the second best college in IP University, the facilities provided are not at par with that reputation it has built. The classrooms are good though they are not air-conditioned, but the labs are different. The labs are fully air-conditioned and equipped with the latest equipment and software if it’s a computer lab, workshops, and CAD labs, all up-to-date. Internet access is available to the students at the labs, and libraries, and soon the campus would be Wi-Fi enabled. The library is not satisfactory, although students manage somehow but it’s absolutely not updated. And they just have books pertaining to the engineering syllabuses. But the library has subscribed to various weekly magazines, and journals. B.Tech students get book bank facility, for all 4 years.
The college provides separate hostels for guys and girls, which is decent and students from Ladakh, Kolkata and various other places, stay in the hostel and find the sanitation good. There are sports facilities, and students, especially the hostel-ites, make full use of the grounds.



It's roughly around Rs. 85,000 per year.



The faculty is certainly very good, and worth mentioning. Qualified and experienced is what they are by default, apart from that they are good teachers, and to quote a student, “zabardast”. Less than half of the professors are freshers while the senior staff is simply superb. The ad-hoc faculty are the ones’ students don’t find interesting or rather good.



As set by the Indraprastha University (GGS IPU), the attendance norm is 75% compulsory. And this is strictly followed, here at MSIT. But at times students are considered for attendance up-to 70%. Still beyond that, if you fall short of attendance, you can expect yourself in some trouble during the exams. But the college has a history of being harsh to students with extremely low attendance; students say that 53 students have got detained too.



The crowd, well, the students here are nice and friendly. Most of the students are Delhi-ites, of which, 50-60% students take the metro to get to the college. Apart from that around 30% students, get to the college, on their own vehicles.  The girl to boy ratio is a decent 40 to 60. Even for the girls the area around the college is safe but guys do get involved in fights outside the college. Regardless of saying, after the anti-ragging law, ragging is strictly banned.



The college has a very famous cafeteria, but sadly no meals are served there, so you might want to carry your own lunch. But the fast food served is decent and cheap too. Aloo Paratha (which is very filling) is pretty cheap (read value for money) but a more relieving piece of information is that another canteen is being constructed, and is expected to be much better.



When you get out of the college, there is a nice big park right opposite the college, which is certainly the most popular hangout among the students here. People even go to the Janak Puri District Centre (DC) where there are a lot of eateries like CCDs’ Baskin Robin, Pizza hut. That’s about it, people generally don’t venture very far to hangout after college.



There is an annual day organised by the college every year. Annual cultural festival ‘Anugoonj’ of the entire Indraprastha University is also celebrated and is quite a big event. The techfest is called ‘AVENSIS’ and is a big inter-college event.



The placements at the Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology is certainly at par with the university school’s campus placements. Every year, at least 50 out of a batch of 60 students get placed at reputed MNCs’. The students who don’t opt for campus placements, have their own plans after engineering or maybe they would want to pursue higher studies later. But the college does their part and get a lot of companies to the campus, and eligible students can sit for the placements. Companies like Wipro, TCS, iGate-Patni, HCL visit the campus and the average salary would be around Rs .4 Lakh. The highest package offered to a student was Rs. 6 Lakh.



Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology.
C-4 Janak Puri, New Delhi-110058.
Phones: 25528117, 25552667.
E-mail :



In a nutshell, MSIT can be summarised in two sentences; Good for good. And bad for bad. These lines explain everything about the college, and are true in all aspects.


+9 #1 Prem Pal Sharma 2013-06-14 12:31
MSIT is the best institute in Delhi. I always hope for it to became best institute in north India.

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