Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) – Bhopal


The National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, like many other NITs used to be a Regional Engineering College. Perhaps the most popular engineering college in Madhya Pradesh, it’s among the top few NITs. It celebrated its golden jubilee year in 2010.



The NIT Bhopal campus is situated in main city Bhopal. Much of the area inside and around is Urban. It is the largest among all NITs (area wise) with a campus of about 650 acres! It has a great variety of flora inside the campus which is maintained by college itself.


Campus and Infrastructure:

It has almost all the facilities an engineering college should have, except for some like a common room which might be open 24x7 for students to work, night canteens, and decent furniture in some of the classes. Many laboratories of this campus are air conditioned, especially computer labs. There are seven hostels as of now and new ones are under progress. Hostel infrastructure is a bit below average though. Unavailability of drinking water sometimes is a problem. Each year hostels change so number of roommates change as well. LAN access is available in every room with good downloading speeds. Labs here are not too well equipped. And even if they are, equipments don't work properly. Oh dear.



Some of the professors are very good and experienced too. But most of them have bad teaching methodologies which drives students away from attending regular classes. Deans are very helpful in their respective areas. They lend students a friendly ear and try to sort out their problems.



The boy to girl ratio is not good, but what do you expect at an NIT? With roughly one girl for every four boys, the ratio is probably much healthier than what you’ll see at most other places. People come here from across the country so the culture is rich and varying.  This blend of cultures makes life on campus very exciting and happening. Ragging was common once upon a time, and it was pretty scary too, but for last two years it has stopped.



Amongst all engineering institutes in country, NIT Bhopal stands at around 25-35 and amongst NITs it stands at around 6th or 7th position.

You need to have a rank of anything higher than 12000 to get a decent branch here.


Placements and Internships:

Placements have really improved in the past couple of years. Though always quite excellent, they’ve become even better now. Software and IT companies are now joined by finance firms which pick up a number of students with really good packages.


Festivals and Activities:

Every year the technical festival 'Technosearch' is organized in the even semester. It’s a national level event. This year NIT Bhopal took an initiative to organize an Inter NIT Robotics Championship which, needless to say, was a great success.



The food in the mess, unfortunately, isn’t too good. But students are forced to eat it because they cannot spend daily on food.

Bhopal is a city of lakes, and students can be found hanging out by the lakes. Also there is a new mall called DB City mall which is a treat to visit.


Contact Address:

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT)
Madhya Pradesh, India.
Telephone : +91 755 4051000 / 4052000
Fax : +91-755 2670562, 2670802, 2671175
Website :



NIT Bhopal, thanks to its location at the centre of the country, experiences a rich culture. Students come to know about people from different parts of India and interact with them. They get good exposure, and coupled with the weather which is pleasant throughout, it’s a great experience. It’s a top college which provides a very conducive environment for studying.


+4 #2 Vishwakarma Rahul 2014-03-24 11:16
@Vikram khanna.... yea in your dreams ..:P
-9 #1 Vikram Khanna 2012-06-13 03:59
NIT Trichy has an area of 800 Acres. NIT Calicut is even bigger.

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