Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering - Fr CRCE (Fr. Agnel College of Engineering), Bandra


Bandstand, mate. You have a breathtaking view of the sea from the classrooms  and a cool breeze is constantly blowing. A 15 - 20 minute ride in a rickshaw should take you to Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering (better known as Fr. Agnel College of Engineering) from Bandra railway station (Western Railway & Harbour Railway) but that would be a bit expensive. BEST bus 211 starts from Bandra station and drops you right outside the college gate which happens to be the last stop. Having said that, the frequency is simply superb.



A school, a chapel and the college building are in the same premises of Fr. Agnel College of Engineering. The diploma and degree classes are in the same building. It houses lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories of all departments, computer centres, a capacious library with many books and journals, dedicated internet centre for students, gymnasium, auditorium, canteen and other imperative amenities. Gymkhana is common for all and it is crowded most of the times. The campus is Wifi Enabled and the students are provided with specialized barcoded ID cards to avail the required amenities. Excellent computational facility with 3 MBps internet connectivity. Hostel facilities are available, but only for boys. 



B.E Fee: Rs. 85,000/year

M.E Fee: Rs. 92,240/year



Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering placement records have always been gratifying with more than 100% placement every year. All renowned companies come here. TCS, Infosys, Amdocs, L&T Infotech pick up maximum students with salaries ranging between Rs. 2.5 lacs p.a. to Rs. 4 lacs p.a. In recent years, placements have picked up even more, with some more dream companies like Google, IBM, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan, Nerolac coming in and offering better packages. Expect the trend to continue.



Recently Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering has hired a lot of new faculty. The old professors are quite good in the sense that they do teach and students can understand if they attend. Some students find the teaching pretty okay in the Computer dept. while the Production dept. seems very strict. Few of the faculty members are helpful and open to doubts.



Attendance at Fr CRCE is quite strict. It has to be maintained above 75% no matter what. No grace attendance given even for students participating extra-curricular. Every week attendance is checked. If the weekly attendance is less than 75% then the student won’t be allowed to attend the lab sessions. Long procedure to be followed if name appears in defaulters. Parents are called and lengthy assignments are given as punishment. It is not a place to be in if you want to bunk too much! A lot of students even call it a JAIL.



Crowd is dominated by students fit to become rocket-scientists at Fr. Agnel College of Engineering. There is a Catholic minority quota from year 2013-14 hence the crowd is bound to be dominated by Catholic students. Life during college is quite restricted, though people manage to enjoy anyway. Boys to girls ratio is decent. Crowd is very jovial towards festivals and other extra curricular activities. Being a popular and reputed college in the island city, you're bound to meet students from different backgrounds and localities. Northern, Western suburbs followed by townies and some from the central suburbs and Navi Mumbai are seen here. Location plays a vital role in such a diversified college.



It is quite congested, food is edible but not to suit the taste buds. It is often unhygienic and extremely oily. Students have tried to change it by writing many letters but all in vain. Most students prefer dabba they bring from their home over canteen.



Bandstand Promenade, CCD, Barista, Mocha, Taj Land's End (of course no one goes there), Yoko's, Natural's, Elco and all that you want in life; after-all it's Bandra, the coolest suburb of Mumbai. If you're tired of the Bandstand ambience then you always have Carter Road where there are ample  joints from popular food brands. Oh, and the crowd is simply to die for! Last but not the least, Bandra Fort is  perfect for those in relationship & in search for some privacy! However, CRCE being a strict college, students normally have to sacrifice these beautiful hangout places.



"Euphoria" is the cultural festival of Fr. Agnel College of Engineering held in even semesters and "Crescendo" is the technical fest held in odd semesters. The college is not very supportive for the fests which disappoints students and they lose interest in conducting them. Hence little participation is seen in the fests.


Contact Address:

Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering
Fr Agnel Ashram, Bandstand, Bandra(W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 400 050.
Tel:91-22-26423841/842/004 ; Fax:91-22-6516831
Website :



Fr. Agnel College of Engineering is overall a good and a renowned college but some avoid it due to lack of freedom. In short, if you love your independence TOO much, you're at the wrong place. It's as strict as a school. Keeping the strictness aside, the college is worth every penny for the four wonderful years. One of the top colleges in city, it's an ideal choice for the top scorers.


+1 #19 Deepak 2015-11-07 08:54
Really one of the best college in India, with awesome teaching staff....
+21 #18 exstudent 2014-06-18 14:13
The college has lost its quality & it is no more the same like it used to be in previous years. It is in a pathetic state. The infrastructure is very bad. Other colleges have come far ahead of it. College doesn't want to invest money for students' growth. Computer labs are in poor state. You will not grow technically here. Students teach professors here, but there are few good professors but problem is they are few & mostly junior. Student crowd is good & very hardworking but they don't get the same from college side. Projects passed are not good & are mostly of professors' choice who wants to write thesis on it, rather than passing a project which is required in industry. Not much help will be provided during project but it's nearly the same at other places as well. A hardworking & good student can lookout for some other better college while paying the same fees. College needs to gear up to compete with other colleges.
Overall its an average college and can be rated as 2.5/5.
+6 #17 Ram 2014-05-07 17:14
I thought I would learngreat stuff here create softwares but I sit all day long by hearing text books and at the end of the sem the teacher says you didn't tell
me the definition from this text book. Yes tech max is a bible you people seriously expect us to read 1000-1500 pg
books in 3 months with weekly exams and assignments and projects and monthly exams then get a life.
Forcing attendance over us to sit for your lectures is like saying that I will kick your ass you if you don't attend
and even if you do I will kick your butt later on. We can learn on our own we don't need your help, if we need it we will ask. And not that we hate projects but come one if you keep projects involving only theory then damn sure we are fed up.
And if we want to do something different the great HOD says you won't get attendance and if you fall low on it you have to write 70+ pages of assignments as a punishment and I am like are you crazy. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE TO JOIN FR.CRCE it's a thug college nothing more to say. Never recommending it to anyone ever.

-16 #16 the-review-updater 2013-07-29 21:37
Infrastructure: Good Infrastructure. The college has a chapel but the building is quite old.

Crowd: It's a christian college, my friend quotes that the crowd has a standard and it's Bandra so you can expect some cream crowd but most of the students are serious in studying.

The college starts early in June so you better go early as soon as CET results come out.

Hangouts: Bandra, Bandstand. Bandra Fort.
+15 #15 Girish Gangan 2013-06-19 00:41
Fr CRCE is the best college for engineering. It has got state of art infrastructure with best equipment that any college can get. The college philosophy is very clear & pure. They are more interested in nurturing students than just graduating more engineers. It's world apart from engineering colleges of politicians. A fantastic location, but you can't make use of it since professors keep you busy. It's true that college is strict, professors are even stricter, but you should know how to enjoy that discipline.
We also passed through a phase where we felt our friends from VJTI (supposed to best college) are enjoying more & are getting good marks, have less work. But believe me guys, this hard work pays in long term.
Production engineering was supposed to be ranked 3rd in Asia in 1995-96. I don't have much idea about current ranking. Some Professors in 3rd & 4th year are from industry itself which helps in getting practical knowledge of industry.
Those stupid students who just compare internal marks with other colleges having short term goals, this is not the college for you. For those who just want to enjoy life without any restriction, this is not for you.
One of the most important thing I learned from this college, freedom always comes with responsibility. ...
May be that's the reason current generation who just believes in enjoyment with short term goals wants freedom but doesn't want any responsibility. .. That's the reason industry is facing major problem with human resources..
To be on short note... No.1 college for engineering.

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