VISA-The Final Phase  


German student visa comes under Long Term National visa category of Germany. It is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and has to be renewed before deadline once you are in Germany. You can apply for this visa if you have an admission letter from a German university or if you are going to learn language course in Germany(You might need a proof of registration for a language course).

Get all the updates for student visa documents on the official German embassy website:

Following are the steps to be followed to apply for a German visa.



As part of your student visa application, you are required to provide proof of sufficient funds to cover your living costs in Germany. One option to fulfil this requirement would be to open a blocked account at Deutsche Bank, Germany or at a branch of Kotak Mahindra Bank in India.This means is the least complicated and widely accepted. All you need is a German Blocked account with 8040 Euro and a payment confirmation receipt of the same. Blocked account is the German version of the USA I-20 system.

The link below has the form for opening a blocked account at Deutsche Bank:

Once you are done with opening blocked account you will get your account number, branch code* and IBAN in an Email for Deutsche Bank. If you already have confirmed your destination university at the time of opening this account then they will assign you the nearest branch, If not then write branch from where you expect your admit. It can be changed later. 

Considering the exchange rates transfer the amount equivalent to 8090EUR to this A/C. (50 EUR is additional cost for opening the account). Now every bank deducts some fees and it they deduct it from this 8090 then you will be short for few euros. So it is better to ask your bank to deduct this amount separately from your account and not from transfer money.
If you have Deutsche Bank saving account then no worries. Just transfer money to your local savings account and give them blocked account details. They will take care of the rest.

Note that only after transferring the entire amount of 8040 euros, you will get confirmation receipt by Email within 3-4 working days, from Deutsche Bank, Germany. In case you have transferred some amount less than 8040 euros, transfer the balance equivalent amount again and wait for the conformation mail

For Mumbai consulate you have to book the date only by calling VFS helpline between 0800 to 1700 hrs. Mon-Fri (022-67866013).
You can get more information here: 

you’ll have to book this date such that you have Admission letter and Block account payment confirmation receipt before the interview, if a date is not available and try calling them after sometime. If someone cancels his/her appointment then you may get that slot.

 (NOTE: The following document list is specifically for the Mumbai Consulate, the document list differs slightly from consulate to consulate, thus you must check the documents required on the website of the German embassy.)

You need 2 sets of following docs in following order only:
1. Application form (download from the consulate website)
2. Declaration form (download from the consulate website)
3. Covering letter (A Google search would give you the format, edit it a bit)
4. Admission Letter (PDF copy sent to you by Email or Original letter by post)
5. Financial Means (Blocked account funds payment confirmation)
6. University degree (Bachelors’ Degree certificate)
7. IELTS/TOEFL certificate (Not older than 2 years)
8. German Proficiency certificate (Mandatory only if your course is partly in German language)
9. Travel insurance (Only from those providers listed under consulate's website)
10.Copy of the Passport data pages
11. DD form (download from the consulate website)
You also need to take a Demand Draft for the visa fees. Cash/Cheque is not accepted. The visa fee is 60 euros and you need to take a DD for the INR equivalent of it. But, do not apply the Google conversion rate for euro to INR. The equivalent amount in INR is updated on the consulate website regularly. Take the DD only a day or two before your interview, lest the INR amount changes due to the exchange rate fluctuation.
* At least 4 photographs meeting the biometric standards for German visa. Be on the I-Day drop point 1 hour before your scheduled drop.

Also keep your 10th, 12th and all your engineering mark-sheets originals and two sets of Xerox copies ready. Also, if you have been working, take a letter from your HR or your salary slips as a proof of employment. The consulate does ask for a proof of employment if you have been working for a considerable period of time after your Bachelors. (Originals and 2 copies)

Application form is easy to fill using PDF form filler software or just fill it online using your browser and save the document as PDF.

Show the appointment letter and the DD for the visa fees to the guard at the Steel Door
He will take you in and will check your bags and body. There you are expecting to take a checklist (it is provided inside the consulate itself) and arrange the documents as per that. Stick photos to the form; glue-stick is provided over there. There are some paper clips too, organise your document sets properly.

Then sit in the chair provided and wait for the next call. Upon call got to the counter and he/she will check your sets and pin them as and where required. He/she will see your passport/photos and will give you a token.
(Basically one who arranges the docs faster get the token earlier. So arrange the docs as specified above well in advance.)
Take the token and wait for your token number and counter number on the display.

Go the respective counter and there is the visa officer behind a bulletproof glass. There is a tray where you are expected to put all your documents as instructed. The interviewer will ask about the visa category and some basic factual questions. There is a mic nearby and speak facing towards it loud and clear.

Then they will take your originals and ask you to fill a questionnaire: (Same for all the applicants.)
1) From where did you come to know about study program in Germany (website, reference, etc.)
2) Modules of your masters course
3) Why this course/university?
4) Name some prominent scientist/inventors of your field.
5) Other universities where you applied and how their course were different
6) What did you do in the past 6 months (only if you are applying after 6 months of your graduation)
7) 10th 12th % and Bachelors CGPA

The VO will check all the documents by the time you fill this and ask for additional docs if required. Keep additional financial docs ready like bank statements, letter of sponsor, fixed deposit, loan documents etc. They usually don't task for them if you have blocked amount ready. But better to be safe than sorry!

After the interview you are supposed to give you finger prints and then they will stamp your passport highlighting D-4 i.e. Student visa category. Then, wait impatiently for 20-25 days for an Email about the visa approval/confirmation.

Application to Stamping
So once you are done with your visa interview, your documents are sent to Germany to the local Alien Office/City Registration Office (Rathaus) of the town in which your university is located. Your university will have to confirm that you are a bona-fide student and have received an admission in their course. Once, this confirmation is successful, an approval is sent to the consulate back in India, where you will get your visa stamped. Hence, sometimes it is possible to speed up the visa process if you are running late, by mailing your university and asking them to look into it, doesn’t work always though.
For the Mumbai Consulate, the normal duration between the application and the approval is around 25-30 days.

Visa Stamping:
Once you have received a call/email confirming your Visa, you can go to the nearest VFS centre from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 11AM to submit your passport for stamping. DO take along the print-out of the intimation email which you would have received. You can collect your passport back with the Visa stamped on the same day at 3PM. You need to only submit your passport for the same. Other documents required are:
1. Travel Insurance (Only from those providers listed under consulate's website) and for a period of 4 weeks from the date of departure is sufficient since you will have to take the mandatory German health insurance to commence your studies at a German university.

2. You also need to give a tentative date of travel when you submit your passport. So, if possible carry copies and original of your flight tickets if you have already booked. Your Visa will be valid from this date. It is always safer to give a date 2-3 days before your flight just to be safe.