Total Expenditure for MS



Expenses (Tuition)

Education is generally subsidized by the state and hence state funded institutes charge no tuition fee to about Euro 4000 per semester. This is as good as every student looking to pursue an advance education in Germany is awarded a scholarship. Though certain programs offered by private universities require the student to provide tuition expenses, which may range from Euro 5000- 30,000 for the entire course.

A nominal fee (semester contribution) of Euro 50 to 250 (or maybe higher) is to be paid per semester for the services and benefits provided by the university like books, bus pass, train pass, etc.

Tuition (comparison between big & small)

Tuition can vary from Euro 0 to 10,000- 12,000 for the entire course, the upper limit being in case of the MBA programs. However, other MS programs, tuition can cost anywhere between 0 Euros up to a nominal Euro 1000 for the entire semester. This nominal fees for maintaince of university campus, labs, classrooms, etc.

Expenses (Living)

Students can cover up for the living expenses by working part time on-campus. Indian students are allowed to work 20-hours/week part-time during their studies in Germany. 


Living expenses can be about

  • Living (accommodation, Food, Transport): Euros 700-800 monthly depending on your lifestyle.
  • Complusory health insurance
  • Conversion rate (1 Euro=66 INR, similarly living exp (annually) - 8400 Euros=5.5 Lakh INR, Tuition fee= 7.9 Lakh INR)