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Brigham Young University


Tracing its roots to Utah’s rich pioneer heritage and to Brigham Young Academy, the original school was established in 1875. In 1953 President Ernest L. Wilkinson created the new College of Physical and Engineering Science. The new college housed departments from the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Engineering Sciences. The college grew in enrollment and soon departments in the college had their own colleges made.



Provo, where Brigham Young is located, is willing to put itself up against all comers when it comes to scenic beauty, excellent infrastructure, parks and recreation, great arts and entertainment and the other must-have’s a city needs to lure in and keep residents. But then it throws in things like affordable housing, low crime, and excellent health care to sweeten the deal. Since it is home to Brigham Young University, it is more of a college town, where the university is a solid part of the local economy. Outdoor recreation is outstanding, although top ski areas are not as close as in neighboring Park City or Salt Lake City. It is near some of the nation's most popular National Parks, including Bryce Canyon. The city is also home to the Peaks Ice Arena, which served as a venue for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002. Provo has been named "Best" in a variety of categories, including place to raise a family. On the other hand, the town is pretty quiet at night and on weekends and younger residents complain that there is no nightlife (there are, apparently, only 3 bars here) and not a good restaurant selection. The first Friday of every month features a gallery stroll. The Provo area has LOTS of cheap entertainment. Dollar theaters, the zoo is $8 for adults and $5 for kids, you can go to pools (indoor and outdoor) with climbing apparatuses IN the pools for $5 for adults and $3 for kids, mini golf, bowling, lazer tag, paintballing, comedy club--all kinds of stuff for really cheap.



Provo is like the rest of northern Utah--cold, snowy winters and hot summers. Utah has a high rate of pollution/smog in the winter. Summers here can be really hot, into the hundreds (Fahrenheit) for a few days, but with low humidity, one can always escape into the shade. The winters, besides going on for 6 months, are bitter cold and often windy with January definitely being the coldest. Spring and fall are very enjoyable. It is not uncommon to have what is known as an "Indian summer." This is when warm temperatures last into October. With the mountains close, this is a great place to live. You can escape in the mountains when it is hot, or you can escape into the mountains during the winter for many different recreational activities.


Courses offered:

Departments & Programs

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Facility & Property Management
  • Industrial Design
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Technology Engineering Education



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