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Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire


Dartmouth College is a private research university located in Hanover, New Hampshire. It was established as early as 1769 (yes, nearly 250 years ago) as part of the British Empire, and has over time achieved the Ivy League status. It has the lowest student enrollment amongst all Ivy League schools, which is why it isn’t too easy to get in inspite of the schools low rank. Students looking to Master in Engineering Management (MEM) should keep it as one of their top options.



By itself Hanover is a tiny little college town with not much to boast of, apart from Dartmouth itself. As for big cities around it, only Boston, which is a good 111 miles away, comes to mind. The closest international airport is also about 80 miles away.


Infrastructure and Residing options:

Dartmouth is made on a completely rural campus in Hanover. Spread over 269 acres, this Ivy League College has a beautiful blend of ancient as well modernistic buildings. All of which have absolutely state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. The Thayer School of Engineering, where you probably will be, has its own buildings as well as the dedicated library which has tens of thousands of volumes covering all possible areas. Sadly, there are no cafeterias and bars on the campus.

Although on campus is very much available (at a rather high cost of $7,000 per year), many graduate students tend to live off campus in areas like Lebanon Street and School Street. The rentals can range from $500 to $1,000 but a lot of that can get split if you’re able to handle a couple of roommates and which you should.



If you aren’t used to terrible winters, you better prepare for them or just forget about Dartmouth. The highest temperature in winter is often below zero degrees, so you can imagine how bad it can get. Its very possible to get snowed in, literally. Other seasons, though, are an absolute joy. Summers are cool and pleasant and Hanover it’s splendid autumns.


Courses Offered:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Bioengineering
  • Computers and Communications
  • Electromagnetics, Optics, Electronics, and Circuits
  • Engineering Management
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Fluids, Transport, and Chemical Processes
  • Materials Science
  • Mechanics, Dynamics and Control


Faculty and Pedagogy:

Dartmouth is popular mainly for its undergraduate courses and less for its graduate programs. Although it has been ranked ahead of universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale for its undergrad programs, it somehow hasn’t built a reputation for its degree courses inspite of high levels of research activities. That being sad, the teaching process at Dartmouth is completely unique, in ways known only by the excellent faculty there.


Tuition Fee:

Despite a private Ivy League University, the tuition fee at Dartmouth College is roughly about $35,000 for the entire course ($1060 per credit)


Financial aid:

If you get into Dartmouth and are able to demonstrate the need of financial aid, you can be rest assured, you will get it.


Eventual Placements:

The engineering jobs at Dartmouth aren’t really out of the world, but fortunately the Career Centre is helpful and ensures you get something you like.


Crowd and Campus Life:

While the under grad students are definitely classified under the nerd category, graduate students aren’t exactly so perhaps because they aren’t that smart. The entire graduate strength is only about 1500 students so its not particularly easy to find people who interest you and, to be honest neither is it once you venture outside college. We would say that Dartmouth is more for the aesthetically rather socially inclined, and here we’re talking about nature.
The university has an unquestionable influence on the city of Hanover which is a quite, elegant and well groomed place, although there aren’t really any hangouts and there is a dearth of bars, Hanover does have a string of Gourmet coffeeshops. Well, that’s about it!


Famous Alumni:

  • T.J.Rodgers - CEO and Founder of Cypress Semiconductor
  • Christopher Sinclair - Former CEO and Chairman of Pepsi
  • Jeffrey R. Immelt - CEO of General Electric



If only there is Graduation programs were half as their undergrad, Dartmouth would have been much higher in the rank list for every course.




+17 #1 SamosaGamgee 2013-04-08 10:08
I'm surprised you folks didn't mention that Dartmouth's MS program is like a PhD one- you need to email professors and ask if they have funding to take on assistants, if they do, then you can apply. Sending in transcripts, GRE/TOEFL scores and SOPs won't help if the professors don't want assistants. Their MS courses are cross-disciplin ary, it's not classified into Comp Sci/Mechanical/ Civil etc.

Also, enrollment in 2012 for MS was 12.

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