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Clemson University


Clemson University is a public research university located in Clemson in South Carolina. It was started in 1889 and has an overall enrollment of over 20,000 students, a large number of which are part of the engineering and science school. Although it’s a safe university for courses like Computers and Electrical for an above average profile, it’s quite highly recommended for courses that have field related work such as Mechanical and Civil. 



Clemson by itself is a pretty small college town and there isn’t too much to look forward to. The nearest big cities are Atlanta and Charlotte and that too over 100 miles away.


Infrastructure and Residing options:

The campus is spread over a massive 1700 acres with and its renowned for its scenic beauty. Cooper Library, the main library, covers thousands of volumes of all the possible courses imaginable. Although there isn’t a single bar on campus, there are a number of coffee shops and a very decent theatre as well.

Most graduation students prefer to stay off campus because it’s both convenient and cheaper. Areas such as Clemson Place, Crawford Falls and Daniel Square are loaded with rentable apartments and living there turns out to be quite reasonable as long as you can find yourself a roommate or two. Expect to spend anything between $300 to $800 per month depending upon the size of the room.



The weather at Clemson is quite excellent. There are no extremes of temperatures like most part of the countries face. Summers are bearable and winters are lovely. If and when it does snow, the entire campus turns into a playground.


Courses Offered:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Bioengineering
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering and Science
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Material Science and Engineering
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Photonic Science and Technology


Faculty and Pedagogy:

Now, Clemson is no Stanford. While there are undoubtedly some excellent professors, very often you also do come across the not-so-competitive ones. It’s not too bitter a pill to swallow, though, since the one common factor among all professors is their passion towards teaching and their willingness to help any students who need assistance.


Tuition Fees:

Clemson University charges a tuition fee of about $8300 per semester.


Financial Aid:

As long as your profile impresses them in some way (it normally does), it shouldn’t be too hard to get yourself some kind of scholarship. Research and Teaching Assistantships are always possible to obtain, though, if you miss out on ‘free’ financial aid.


Eventual Placements:

Clemson is a fast improving upcoming school, and the effort it puts into its career centre is testimony to that. Top companies like General Electric, Michelin and Target are regular hirers at the university. Although you’ve to make sure that you’ve to maintain good acads if you want a job.


Crowd and Campus Life:

In the university so massive, it would be silly – almost criminal – to limit yourself just to the engineering buildings and crowds. While the people immediately around you may make you want to pull your hair out, you can be rest assured that you’ll eventually find agreeable company somewhere or another in the school. And you’d had better find something to do and someone to do it with, because you’re going to get pretty bored if you don’t. Downtown Clemson is a lovely, lively place, yes, but it has no clubs and it doesn’t exactly have much nightlife either.



Good college which is slowly climbing up the rankings. If you were to ask us a few years from now, we’d probably say ‘go right ahead and join it’, but since you’re asking us right now, we’re going to say, see if you’ve something better for your profile.



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