26, 27 & 28 February | Direct Interaction with Australian Universities @ Hyderabad, Vijaywada & Warangal

Every year during February, most of the Australian universities organize a direct interaction with the students and parents who are keen about exploring the opportunities for education and career in the land down under.

This month on 26th & 27th & 28th, many popular Australian universities are organizing direct interact with the students in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Warangal respectively.


The advantages of attending the fair are:


  1. Direct-interact with the univ representatives
  2. Comparative analysis of various offers by universities
  3. Spot assessment of your case
  4. Many issues that make student life eventful can be understood
  5. Career advice from team NEC
  6. The advantage of studying in various cities can be understood
  7. Meet and make friends with fellow students who might be making similar choices

The institutions that are participating this year in the fair are:

  1. RMIT
  2. University of Western Australia
  3. Deakin
  4. Swinburne
  5. Flinders
  6. La Trobe
  7. CSU
  8. UNISA
  9. Macquarie
  10. Navitas group
  11. Martin college
  12. Perth education stall
  13. Sydney education stall

Neptune welcomes everyone interested in Australian education to participate and build confidence about their choice of Australia. Both for the programs and career options subsequently.

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Speakers Profiles

Speakers profiles:

Satish Kumar B

With 9 yrs of experience in student counselling, career research for students in Australia and with commanding measure of how Australia could benefit students in short and long run, Satish is ideally a good bet for students to understand what their choice would mean in the future in terms of career and if or not any Trump like protective culture could ever take root in this land down under.

Satish Reddy V

An expert in university and course selection with over 3000 visas experience for students opting for Australia. Satish can be queried about anything from course selection to admit criteria and the other references like for accommodation on arrival in Australia. Course wise uni options is his forte.

About NEC

A consultancy par excellence, NEC has been in service to the student community for over 12 yrs with a humble start in Ahmedabad in 2012.

Ever since the company steadily has grown all over India with major focus being on Australian education.  Very proudly we represent all the major universities of Australia including the likes of Monash, University of Adelaide, Western Australia and RMIT, amongst others.

It would be an understatement to say that we have achieved VISA success in thousands  ~~right to say we have created ground for thousands of success stories for students who now are happily living and celebrating their decision.

Unlike others, NEC doesn’t subscribe to the size as it robs the student of the personal touch. So, all our offices are custom built for personal service to every student. Success rate with us is real high therefore for every student.Apart from the regular stuff like course selection, university admits and visa process, we are active in the other areas like career counseling and student references which is what prepares a student for the challenges onshore. We do turn and train a student to being a champ to face the challenges with ease.

Our offices are always active in providing students with a near round the clock services personally during the office hours and on phone during the off hours. So, we are with you at every stage of life.

To sum it up, we organize the following services:

  1. Your skills and ambitions based destination selection
  2. University and program selection for the best returns
  3. Admits & visa process
  4. High rate of visa success
  5. Local references
  6. Career counseling
  7. All the sundry for your confidence
  8. Helplines for any form of assistance during crisis hours

Entry is free. Feel free to bring your parents along too.


Why University of The Potomac?

·         Smaller class size (12:1 student to teacher ratio) – more individual attention

·         Hand-holding student experiences

·         MSCHE Accredited University – Regional accreditation is the most rigorous and ensures the quality of the education

·         Flexible schedule – day, evening and weekend classes

·         Classes start every two months – you save time

·         Simplified admissions process – No GRE or GMAT, No GPA requirement (open enrollment)

·         Convenient Locations – Northern Virginia campus, Washington, D.C. campus

·         Curricular Practical Training (CPT) & Post- Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) – U.S. Internships authorization

·         Washington, D.C. has consulates and embassies from your country


Programs offered at University of The Potomac:

Associates degrees:

·         Accounting

·         Business

·         Information Technology

·         International Business

·         Network Security Management


Bachelor’s degrees:

·         Accounting

·         Business

·         Digital Forensics

·         Information Technology

·         International Business


·         Master in Information Technology

·         Master in Health Care Administration

·         Master in Business Administration (MBA)


Start Dates:

·         March 27, 2017

·         May 22, 2017

·         July 17, 2017

·         September 11, 2017

·         November 6, 2017

·         January 8, 2018

·         March 5, 2018

·         April 30, 2018


Tuition & Fees for Undergraduate Programs:

Cost per Credit hour: $750

Cost per semester (12 credits): $ 9,000

2 semesters = 1 academic year: $ 18,000

Technology fee (per semester): $450

Application fee (one-time fee): $150

Registration fee (one-time fee): $100

Tuition and fees for the first academic year: $ 19,150


Financial Resources Required for Admission for Undergraduate Programs:

Tuition & Fees for a fist academic year: $ 19,150

Estimated Living Expenses: $ 11,000

Estimated Text Book Expenses: $ 2,000

Proof of funding required: $ 32,150


Tuition & Fees for Graduate Programs:

Cost per Credit hour: $900

Cost per semester (12 credits): $ 10,800

2 semesters = 1 academic year: $ 21,600

Technology fee (per semester): $450

Application fee (one-time fee): $150

Registration fee (one-time fee): $100

Tuition and fees for the first academic year: $ 22,750


Financial Resources Required for Admission for Graduate Programs:

Tuition & Fees for a fist academic year: $ 22,750

Estimated Living Expenses: $ 11,000

Estimated Text Book Expenses: $ 1,250

Proof of funding required: $ 35,000


Admission Requirements:

·         Complete online application (https:www.applypotomac.com)

·         Original docs mailed prior to I20: Waived for Spot Assessment. Soft copies would work at this point and the student will have to present originals before starting school

·         Application Fee - Waived for Spot assessments

·         Proof of English: Undergraduate: IELTS 5.5+ or TOEFL score 60+ | Graduate:IELTS 6.5+ or TOEFL score 79+ (depending on results in the assessment interview the English requirement can be waived)

·         Transcripts: No GPA requirement. We require consolidated transcripts and, depending, also the individual grade cards. We also required proof of having completed previous level of education in the form of either a provisional certificate or any other official document clearly stating such.

·         Financial Support Declaration: The amounts should be US$ 32,150 for undergrad and US$ 35,000 for graduate. Letter from the bank reflecting amounts in US$ and authenticated affidavit for those that are being sponsored.

·         Statement of purpose: For graduate programs only. Why did you chose UoTP? Why do you want to pursue the major you have chosen? What are your future career goals?

·         Letters of recommendation: Two letters of recommendation for graduate only.