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University Comparer

With a huge chunk of students opting the United States of America for their Masters/PhD program every year, there's a significant jump in the number of universities and the myriad of courses offered in them. In this fast moving world, a comprehensive rating about the US Universities on noteworthy parameters can easily narrow down an applicants' choice from the pool of universities. So after hours of efforts, here we've the University Comparer that will help each one of you in making informed decision about the universities.

Note: Select the universities according to your choices and use the various tabs for comparisons. Please be patient while the comparison is loading as it may take a while before you finally see the comparison table. Ratings are on the scale of 10 where 10 is terrific and 1 is bad.

University comparision will be listed here.

1. If the university comparer doesn't load properly in Internet Explorer, kindly use Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome browsers.
2. The ratings given in the above comparison are on a relative scale and a lower rating does not necessarily mean that the university lacks on the particular factor by any means.