We have tried to address some of the most common questions that generally arise in the minds of students. If you have other doubts or more specific questions, you can post them in our community where they can be answered by other students.


  • I had a backlog in the first semester, will I get placed?

It may vary from company to company. Most companies are not concerned about your previous backlogs. However, it may affect your profile in a negative manner. Also a few companies allow no previous backlogs.


  • Is it true that most of the engineering students get placed in IT companies irrespective of their branch?

Yes, it is true. That is because the major recruiters are IT companies. They take in students irrespective of their branch.

  • I am a production/chemical engineering student; will I get placed in an IT Company?

Yes, you can get placed in an IT company because they generally allow students from all branches to sit for the interview.

  • How important is it to be a part of various college committees?

It is not at all important. These committee members might tell you that their certificates are what will make your resume stand out, but it is utter nonsense. They may not even look at your certificates during the interviews.

  • Will my rapport with the faculty have any effect on my placements?

No, it will not affect your placement because in most colleges there is a separate team to handle placements. However, it may definitely affect your marks. So better not spoil your impression in front of the teachers.

  • I have done internship at ABC company, will it be helpful?

Yes, it certainly adds to your resume. But make sure that the internship is related to your engineering stream. You can’t count working at call centers as internship.

  • How do I answer questions in my interview; be honest or be politically correct?

It is better to be politically correct in some matters. For example, even if you are planning to do MS or MBA please tell the interviewer that you DO NOT plan to go for higher studies. In cases when you find that the interviewer is asking you questions related to computers when it clearly states on your resume that you are an Electronics student, please tell him that you don’t know the subjects properly. Or you can rephrase and say that you had covered only some basics of computers long back in the first year.

  • How important is my BE project(final year project) for my placements?

It is extremely important. Sometimes the whole interview is just about your BE project. So, choose your project wisely and better be prepared on everything related to your project at the time of your interview.

  • Should I speak about my further education during the interview?

No, you shouldn't. Speaking about further studies will only go against you.

  • Do companies place outside the city also?

Yes, they do. Also they make it a point to ask you whether you are comfortable relocating for the job. If you are serious about getting the job, please say yes.  If you don’t want to go outside your city, better find out beforehand whether the company might place you in your hometown or not.

  • Can I apply off-campus to the same company which had come to my college for campus placements?

Yes, you can. You can apply for any company off campus as well. Most companies do have a system of walk-in interviews.

  • How should I prepare for my placements?

First of all, maintain your aggregate above 60% so that you are eligible (most companies set their eligibility criteria at 60%). For the aptitude tests, you can search for material online because you can find the aptitude test papers of most of the companies on various sites. Then you can solve books by RS Agrawal for aptitude tests to be comfortable with the question types and also for practice. For your technical interview, go through basics of computers if it's an IT company or the respective subject if it's a different one. Be prepared on at least two subjects of your stream because they do ask what your strong subjects are. Microcontrollers and microprocessors are also a favorite of the interviewers.

  • Should any special care be taken in preparing my resume/CV?

Often, the resume can make or mar your chances of being called for interviews, especially in an off-campus job. One common mistake generally made is to confuse resume with profile. While there aren't any laws about writing your resume/CV, there certainly are some guidelines that need to be followed. If you have any specific doubts regarding your resume, you can get them cleared through our expert.